Arbitration & ADR

Construction disputes are a fact of life on megaprojects.  They cost time and money and divert resources away from designing and building projects and from running a business.  When disputes arise, they need to be managed the same way a project would be managed – with a strategy, a budget, a schedule, and with milestones to track progress against estimated cost and schedule.

Pegasus-Global® has key personnel that have been actively involved in arbitration and mediation for more than 30 years, having served as testifying expert witnesses for 25 years in international arbitrations regarding construction disputes on some of the world’s largest projects.  We use that experience to both assist clients in the ADR process and to serve as arbitrators and mediators.  The includes the development of strategies for managing the dispute resolution process; the identification of and selection of outside counsel, expert witnesses and potential arbitrators; and non-testifying expert witness consultation.