Assistance with Arbitrator & Expert Witness Selection

A dispute has arisen that it appears you have not been able to settle. But now you need to focus on what types of experts you will need and who will be the right experts for your particular matter. Selection of expert witnesses is not a task that should be taken lightly as any individual preparing an expert report and/or testifying on your case can have a significant impact-positively or negatively. Getting the right individual can mean winning or losing your case.

Pegasus-Global personnel, prior to focusing full time on management consulting and serving as arbitrators and mediators, worked as testifying expert witnesses for over 25 years on some of the world's largest projects and corresponding "bet the company" amounts in dispute. Over this time period, Pegasus-Global's personnel worked with and against the world’s most well-known and experienced expert witnesses and expert witness firms. Pegasus-Global personnel were and continue to stay active in industry professional activities and organizations as well as maintaining their certifications, including Certified Forensic Claims Experts. Based on this experience and continued relationships, Pegasus-Global can assist counsel in identifying, determining potential conflicts of interest-without divulging client information, and interviewing potential expert witnesses to ensure counsel has the best individuals to retain depending on the particular issues and dispute.

Similarly, Pegasus-Global personnel have worked with some of the best legal minds in the world and when Pegasus-Global personnel served as expert witnesses, were in arbitrations with some of the world’s leading arbitrators. Dr. Galloway's role as serving as an international arbitrator with leading arbitrators around the world, in combination with her industry involvement with several arbitral institutions as well as her studies at Pepperdine University have resulted in Dr. Galloway meeting and getting to know leading counsel and arbitrators in both the energy and construction industries. Given this personnel knowledge as well as serving with other arbitrators, Pegasus-Global is in a unique position to assist counsel with the identification of and exploration of potential conflicts with either potential outside legal counsel and/or arbitrator candidates.