Compliance Audit Reviews

You’ve spent the time and money to develop a great set of policy and procedure manuals. You feel sure that your next project will run the way you want it to. You’ve even crafted your policies and procedures to a project-specific set of compliance standards. It sure looks good on the shelf, but what if no one other than the authoring team even reads it?

Internal guideline compliance is the beginning step in creating a set of policies that can bring disparate working entities together into a functional successful work group. In this day of international consortia, companies from many countries with complex internal cultural structures will be working together on the completion of a project. It is more important than ever to make sure that common standards are established and adhered to. Standards of honesty, cultural respect, operating procedures, and even the examination and codification of end results are just a few of the operational concepts that must be evaluated and presented to all parties in a fashion that they all understand.

Pegasus-Global has the experience and the involvement in international, national, and local engagements to effectively evaluate your internal policies and judge how effectively they are being applied through the compliance audit process. Pegasus-Global key personnel have truly "been there, done that." Their breadth of personal involvement in megaprojects ensures that you will never again be in the position of asking yourself "Did we make that mistake again?"