Organizational Assessments

Corporations today are faced with a number of key decisions as they look to meet and exceed their strategic goals and objectives, both short and long term. In order to ensure that it is properly organized and structured to meet its goals and objectives, a corporation has to understand the status of its current management and control structure insofar as that structure is properly aligned with those acknowledged as “best-in-class” standards. In addition, to compete successfully within its industry, a corporation needs to understand how its management and control systems compare against other corporations within its industry.

Organizational assessments involve inspecting how your corporate team communicates effectively with the entities it serves. A successful organization in a high-end, multi-year engagement is bound to change over time, and the parameters by which you judge your organization's efficiency and effectiveness need to be addressed regularly. You must be able to honestly judge whether or not the people who depend on your leadership and direction are receiving the support they need from your corporate team. You must be able to measure both internal and external communication practices and evaluate the overall culture across your organization.

Pegasus-Global's organizational assessment will evaluate the internal and external relationships you have and determine the effectiveness and the problem areas that may exist in your organization. The quantitative and qualitative results from Pegasus-Global's assessment will allow you to identify any operational inefficiencies and communication gaps that may exist, and address them by creating a plan to resolve any outstanding issues. In the high-end world of megaproject engineering, it is not uncommon to have many different cultures and nationalities working on the same project. Your project's operational plan must address all the organizational issues raised by the nature of a modern enterprise if it is to effectively compete in this world.

Whether you are making changes to your existing organization, adjusting for a change in leadership or ownership, or expanding or repurposing your organization, Pegasus-Global has the experience, the background, and the plain common sense to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization with initial analysis, intermediate planning, and follow-up training. Your day-to-day actions must reflect the overall vision of your organization, and Pegasus-Global's organizational assessment can help you realize that goal.

This is what differentiates Pegasus-Global from other consultants—the ability to engineer the future not just through the eyes of the senior leadership but to make certain what is intended to be built will actually stand the test of time. The human values of trust and reliance, leadership and stewardship, confidentiality and ethics are the basis of any relationship. Combine that foundation with longevity in the construction field, international experience, worldwide respect and a dynamic breadth of project undertakings, and you'll find Pegasus-Global a leader in the fields of risk management, strategic consulting, and management consulting.

Among the objectives for an organizational assessment as envisioned by Pegasus-Global is to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the current organizational structure and key personnel with a focus on whether the organizational structure and personnel as currently structured and employed, have the ability to grow in comparison with other successful companies who have done so and whether a company has the ability to sustain that growth in the niche market of their respective industry. In conducting that assessment, Pegasus-Global will focus on how best to achieve:

  • Increased organizational performance
  • Increased engagement among stakeholders
  • Improved relationships among stakeholders
  • Improved decision-making practices
  • Improved clarity on outcomes at all levels of administration
  • Better understanding of workplace behavior, culture and habits
  • Improved understanding of leadership behaviors
  • Clarity throughout administrative actions, communications and behaviors
  • Improved understanding of similar and competitor companies’ abilities to be successful
  • Improved competencies among leadership

Much can be said of Pegasus-Global's effectiveness in applying a systematic approach to the assessment of complex structures and situations where an environment of conflicting interests of stakeholders exist. It is also true that Pegasus-Global provides ongoing support in an environment where the consequences of failures and/or actions of people are potentially catastrophic. There is no question that Pegasus-Global supports the gamut of financial, material and human concepts inherent in all large multi-cultured diverse organizations with a focus on growth while attempting to maintain proper control over the Risk Culture of the organization. But that's routine for any complex undertaking. Differences in the approach to problems matter; the difference in the analytical processes matter; the quality of the personnel matter; but what really matters is the experience that underpins the level of decision making and problem solving that Pegasus-Global will bring to the assessment.