Our Firm

Pegasus Global Holdings, Inc.® (Pegasus-Global®) is a global management consulting company with the experience, knowledge and personnel to help you and your management team successfully complete even the most complex energy and transportation megaprojects. We provide evaluations and proposed solutions for the investment community, multi-national corporations, government entities, owners, engineers, and contractors for a wide variety of project governance, management, operations, technical and commercial issues.

Our consultants have worked together for decades, and many have held senior management positions in international public and private companies. We are ready to apply this collective expertise and experience – from the perspective of owner, engineer and contractor, to numerous advisory roles on your megaproject, regardless of its scale or complexity.

Pegasus-Global® works with its clients in evaluating an organization’s governance, policies, and procedures in regard to best practices. We provide strategic direction to assist the organization in meeting its goals and objectives in successfully executing megaprojects. Our consultants have extensive practical experience in Strategic Consulting and Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Auditing and Assessment, Arbitration and ADR, and Regulatory Support.

But we’re more than just our team’s combined expertise and experience. Our consulting services depend just as much on the human values of trust, stewardship, confidentiality and ethics. Combine these with our longevity in the construction field, our global experience and reputation, and the range of our engagements, and you’ll discover that Pegasus-Global® is your best choice as an advisor on energy and transportation megaprojects. No other company exists that can provide this diverse, sustained senior team effort.