Our people, their skills, and their diversity enable Pegasus-Global to provide unique value to our clients.

Our consultants’ educational backgrounds include undergraduate and advanced degrees in civil engineering, electrical engineering, structural engineering, nuclear engineering, engineering physics, construction management, business administration, law, and computer science. Their professional backgrounds include distinguished careers as industry-leading consultants on the world’s biggest megaprojects. They’ve also held executive and senior management roles with major energy companies, with some of the world’s largest construction contractors, and with governmental entities responsible for rate regulation.

Collectively, our team has muddy steel-toed boots from years on the site as well as tailored suits from years on the executive floor. We’ve worked internationally with many different cultures. The depth and diversity of our experience enables us to successfully partner with clients to achieve their strategic objectives—whether the client is an owner, contractor, regulatory commission, or another governmental entity.

You may contact any of the key personnel listed below, or ask our main office for more information about our services, staff, and expertise: +1-509-857-2235 or info@pegasus-global.com



President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Riggins was named president and chief executive officer in February 2018 after serving as executive consultant. He now oversees all aspects of the firm’s management consulting and services. He has enjoyed a career of more than three decades in the energy industry, including electric utility planning, construction and operation, ratemaking principles and concepts, and environmental regulation. He is experienced with a wide variety of legal issues related to power plants of all technologies and fuel sources, including contract risk reviews, and has served as general counsel for Great Plains Energy/Kansas City Power & Light as well as Kansas Electric Power Cooperative. In the past few years, Bill has focused on corporate governance, risk management, and facilitating the flow of relevant information from the construction site to the executive floor and the boardroom. He has many years of experience in being the person responsible for the development and implementation of regulatory strategy.

Dr. Patricia D. Galloway


Chair of the Board of Directors

As chair, Dr. Galloway currently oversees the strategy of the firm. For more than 40 years, she has provided strategic advice to boards and senior management concerning governance, management structures, and performance and risk management. Dr. Galloway serves on several public and non-profit boards. She is an international arbitrator and is a member of several arbitral institution panels including the ICC, CPA, ICBR, and the American Arbitration Association, where she also serves as a member of the AAA’s Board of Directors. 

Dr. Galloway was appointed by President George W. Bush to the United States National Science Board in 2006 for a six-year term. In that position, she served as vice chair from 2008 to 2010. In 2004, she was honored to be elected by her peers to serve as the first woman president of the American Society of Civil Engineers. She has served as an advisor to multiple independent review panels and has extensive international experience, having worked on some of the world’s largest projects.


Vice President

Mr. Clark has more than 15 years of experience in business and finance administration. As vice president, he performs risk analysis of events and identification of key issues. His experience includes corporate and project prudence and performance audits, risk reviews and analysis, project research and monitoring project trend evaluations, and coordination of analysis teams. 

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