Change Management

It’s like the domino theory or the butterfly effect—the idea that a single small event can have catastrophic results over time. Such is the atmosphere that surrounds high-dollar, high-visibility megaprojects. Often organizations become so immersed in when they will complete a job that they lose sight of how they complete it. This single mindedness blinds them to the fact that they are operating in a dynamic swirl of events, many of them unpredictable and some unmanageable. No one knows when an international group opposing installation of your new cogeneration plant will materialize on your doorstep. Change is constant. No one knows when the plant owners will exercise their option to install a version of the generator newer than the one that was state-of-the-art just five years ago. Change management and risk assessment are tied intrinsically to the total concept of prudence and performance. Without change management capabilities, you are frozen in place, unable to respond effectively to events surrounding your organization.

Understanding that change is the only true constant, change management becomes the precursor to all other corporate risk management processes. Pegasus-Global has the background and the experience to assist you in managing the change that can impact your megaproject's goals and objectives. Simply put, if you're not managing change, you're not managing risk.