Strategic Consulting

From a strategic and corporate governance perspective, the unique challenge presented by megaprojects is constant change.  Management and control approaches, processes, procedures and systems must be flexible and adaptable.  Management must be able to readjust its focus repeatedly among a multitude of competing forces.  Management of a megaproject never gets the opportunity to set back and say “everything is going according to plan,’ because the plan may, and often does, literally change every day.  Without this ability to be flexible, and adapt to changing project conditions, the management of the megaproject will be unable to control or overcome the stress points that will arise during construction.

Companies can improve performance and increase competitiveness by knowing more and doing more with what they know.  Pegasus-Global® does not believe standard, off-the-shelf answers or systems are effective in addressing the unique needs of a client and the unique requirements of a megaproject.  Rather, based on our decades of experience in construction and operations, what we provide is customized solutions and practices designed to improve planning and execution in this dynamic environment.