Board Reviews

Corporate and non-profit governing boards are being held to higher, or at least different standards today than in the past. Boards are expected to conduct their business with an unprecedented level of openness and equality. The failures are legendary—from Enron to Salomon Brothers, from Chase to Morgan Stanley. In many cases, boards have failed their stakeholders in situations that may well have been averted with a strong internal third-party audit.

From public institutions on the federal level down to local school boards, there is a cry to ensure that boards tasked with governing a body wisely and prudently are actually spending resources properly and operating in the best interests of their constituents.

The problems of board governance are compounded in large international projects where many different national corporations and even different governments are involved. Pegasus-Global conducted detailed research into the government's laws and regulations promulgated by governments around the world in order to be able to advise boards of their duties and obligations in any country within which it's corporation operates. The boards, whether elected publicly or appointed privately, must be able to stand the increased level of scrutiny that has become common in contemporary business climates.

A Pegasus-Global board review can help your board attain the level of openness and equity demanded by today’s global business climate. Experience and exposure to a wide variety of situations make Pegasus-Global stand above other firms. In their decades of experience, our senior management and cadre of seasoned consultants have seen almost everything and are uniquely capable of identifying potential issues and resolving any problem areas.