Mentoring Programs

All the experience in the world is useless unless you are willing to pass on the lessons learned to those who will soon be guiding your operations. The long-term sustainability of your business model must contain enough organizational memory to smooth the bumps of the future with the lessons from the past. The world is changing fast, and with it, new technologies and information strategies are constantly evolving. However, some tried-and-true practices just don’t change. That is what mentoring is, or should be—passing on the lessons learned from the past to guide the decisions and practices of the future.

The elaborate regulatory and best-practice-driven methods that have become today’s nominal touchstones were derived from systems that evolved from the "muddy boots" experiences of the past. As in tribal societies, the greybeards handed down the wisdom of the past to the young so the new generation might balance where they were going with where their elders had been. That, in essence, is what mentoring is all about.

At Pegasus-Global we offer mentoring programs, and in particular mentoring geared towards young women entering the engineering and project management fields. Pegasus-Global's Dr. Patricia D. Galloway has spent her career opening doors for young women. Whether through the personal examples of her entry into the profession of civil engineering and her eventual presidency of the American Society of Civil Engineers or her success in the fields of project management and arbitration, Dr. Galloway has been breaking new ground for years.

Pegasus-Global will be happy to design and implement mentoring programs for your organization, whether through your internal knowledge base or a program specifically operated by our top professional personnel. After all, if you don’t know where you came from, you’ll never know how far you can go.