Motivational Lectures

Engines need fuel. The fuel of an organization is the motivation that its leaders provide. That motivation can come in many forms, from profit sharing to weekend retreats to distinct motivational programs. Many of today's large projects have life spans in the decades. It is becoming more true every day that contemporary engineers may spend their careers on as few as three projects. What happened to the engineer with the broad background, the man or woman who could bring the discipline and institutional knowledge from many projects to bear on the success of their latest endeavor? How can that learning be a part of your motivational process?

Motivation over the long term is a new corporate reality in today's world of high-end engineering and construction projects. Motivational lectures can provide the ties that bind corporate ethos and direction into a common thread that subliminally guides an organization through long-term projects.

Pegasus-Global has the background and the experience to bring that sense of commonality to your organization through motivational lectures. The common ethic that ties an entry-level manager through to the highest position of board participation can be decoded and institutionalized with the motivational lectures provided by Pegasus-Global.