Policy & Procedure Development

All the planning and consultation in the world is naught without a set of documents that codify corporate or institutional practices and seek to enforce them. It’s really very simple—when a problem meets a process, the problem goes away.

Those processes are encoded in the policies and procedures that drive an institution’s day-to-day activities. Relevant, up-to-date policies and procedures, program management plans, and project execution plans are critical to the successful operation of today’s contemporary organizations and the megaprojects they execute.

Given the scope and complexity of today’s megaprojects, and understanding the international flavor of the consortia that build and manage them, a comprehensive and wide-ranging set of policies and procedures is essential. You must have a coherent and applicable set of policies and procedures that are not only strong enough to withstand scrutiny, but are also flexible enough to change as a project matures through what can be a 10-year or longer lifetime.

Pegasus-Global has been operating in this arena long enough to know that while regulatory standards and compliance benchmarks often change, human nature does not. We truly have "been there, done that," having worked in an advisory capacity on many of the world's most important megaprojects during the past 30 years. We are uniquely qualified to bring our comprehensive level of expertise to your project and your organization.