Pegasus-Global has provided advisory services to large energy and infrastructure projects around the world. We’ve worked in North America, Latin and South America, Asia, Asia-Pacific, Australia, and Europe.


Pegasus-Global has provided consulting and management advisory services to support major construction projects throughout the world, encompassing over 50 megaprojects across more than 20 countries. Our experience includes working with clients to evaluate governance, controls, and strategic direction of projects, not only assisting project owners in evaluating the performance of EPC contractors, but also assisting EPC contractors in meeting their performance obligations. We have been retained many times to assess the prudency of a company’s actions, to determine the cause of cost increases and schedule extensions, and assist clients in preparing for regulatory proceedings regarding the management of energy or infrastructure construction projects and in testifying in such proceedings, including projects requiring approval from more than one regulatory body. Our experience goes beyond individual projects or programs and includes organizational assessments designed to improve the organization’s ability to deliver capital projects successfully, including identification and implementation of selected recommendations. Our clients include the investment community, multinational corporations, utilities, government entities, owners, engineers, and contractors. A sample of our clients in the energy and infrastructure industries includes:

• Energy sector clients: Southern Company (and its subsidiaries Mississippi Power Company and Georgia Power Company); Duke Energy (and Progress Energy before its merger with Duke Energy); Ontario Power Generation; PSE&G; Emera; AES; Portland General Electric; Great Plains Energy; Nevada Energy; Black & Veatch; British Petroleum; ATC; and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

• Infrastructure sector clients: New York State Thruway; Washington State Legislature; The Governors of Washington and Oregon; The City of Winnipeg, Canada; the California Judiciary; British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Highways, Canada; the City of Detroit; Her Majesty’s Treasury and Department for Transport, London; State of Victoria, Australia; The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transit, Japan; and the Panama Canal Commission.

Below is a sample of projects where Pegasus-Global has provided advice and services:

PSE&G Energy Strong Program

Trenton, New Jersey, USA

Megaproject – Storm Hardening

Services: Auditing & Assessment | Independent Monitoring

Public Service Enterprise Group’s (PSE&G’s) $1.22 billion Energy Strong Program allows the utility to proactively protect and strengthen its electric and gas systems against severe weather damage like the state of New Jersey experienced during Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy. Pegasus-Global was appointed as the independent monitor for the project to analyze and measure the impact of program investments on overall system performance; review and confirm that implementation of the chosen mitigation method or investment is being, and has been, performed in a reasonable and prudent manner; and determine whether costs charged to the Energy Strong Program are in fact costs properly attributable to Energy Strong Distribution Investments that are part of the program approved by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

Darlington Refurbishment Program

Ontario Power Generation Darlington Refurbishment Program

Clarington, Ontario, Canada

Megaproject – Nuclear Plant Refurbishment

Services: Auditing & Assessment | Regulatory Support

Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG’s) $12.8 billion Darlington Refurbishment Program will extend the operating life of the four-unit Darlington Nuclear Generating Station by approximately 30 years. The program consists of several subprojects, notably re-tube and feeder replacement; inspection, maintenance, and rehabilitation of the turbine generators and control systems; and defueling of the reactors and refurbishment of the fuel-handling equipment. Pegasus-Global was brought on to provide an independent and objective assessment of the degree to which OPG’s plan and approach to the program’s execution are consistent with the way other megaprojects and megaprograms have been carried out. This evaluation included a review of the processes in place for management of costs and schedule, program controls, and application of contingency. It culminated in filed testimony before the Ontario Energy Board in July 2016.

New NY Bridge

New NY Bridge Project

Tarrytown, New York, USA

Megaproject – Transportation

Services: Strategic Consulting

Pegasus-Global was retained as a consultant for the $3.9 billion New NY Bridge Project. The new twin-span bridge now under construction will replace the existing Governor Malcom Wilson Tappan Zee Bridge over the Hudson River, which was originally completed in 1955. The new bridge will support eight lanes of traffic and is being designed and constructed to accommodate bus rapid transit, light rail or commuter rail, and a bike/pedestrian path. For more information about the New NY Bridge Project, please view the official website: www.NewNYBridge.com.

Madera County Courthouse

Photo Credit: James Ewing Photography

State of California Courthouse Construction Program

State of California, USA

Megaproject – Building Structure

Services: Strategic Consulting | Auditing & Assessment

Pegasus-Global was engaged by the State of California to provide an audit, analysis, and assessment of its approximately $5 billion courthouse construction program, including benchmarking the policies, processes, and procedures used by the Administrative Office of the Court against industry best practices. The Pegasus-Global audit report was filed with the State of California in September 2012. Pegasus-Global has assisted the Court Facilities Working Group as requested in its ongoing oversight of the Judicial Branch’s court construction program and the implementation of the assessment recommendations.

Edwardsport IGCC Plant

Duke Energy Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plant

Edwardsport, Indiana, USA

Megaproject – IGCC, 618 MW

Services: Auditing & Assessment | Strategic Consulting | Regulatory Support

Duke Energy Indiana’s (DEI) Edwardsport IGCC Power Plant is one of the world’s cleanest coal-fired power generating stations and is the first to use integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) technology on this scale. Pegasus-Global planned and conducted an independent prudence audit of DEI’s management of the planning and execution of the $3.5 billion plant.

First, the prudence audit examined DEI’s project management processes, metrics, and procedures to ascertain if they conformed to accepted industry standards. Second, we examined DEI’s actions and decisions to determine if they were prudent (as defined by Indiana state regulations and case precedence). The results of the Edwardsport IGCC Project prudence audit were presented by Dr. Galloway in both pre-filed and oral testimony before the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission in November 2011.

Iatan Power Plant

Kansas City Power & Light Iatan Power Plant, Units 1 & 2

Weston, Missouri, USA

Megaproject – Coal, 1,520 MW

Services: Auditing & Assessment | Strategic Consulting | Risk Management | Regulatory Support

Pegasus-Global was retained by Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) to assist in its rate case regarding Iatan Unit 1 Power Plant environmental upgrades and common facilities with Unit 2 before the Missouri Public Service Commission and separately before the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC). Iatan Unit 1 environmental upgrades include emissions-reducing upgrades that use available technologies to reduce carbon and other emissions on a coal-fired generating plant originally completed in the early 1980s.

Dr. Kris Nielsen testified in the Missouri PSC and KCC regarding the proper prudence standards, KCP&L’s management decision-making under that standard, and the applicable in-service criteria. KCP&L reached a settlement with all parties to the Missouri rate case that allowed costs of the capital project to go into rate base. This rate case was the first docket to consider the prudence of electric power generating facility capital costs in Missouri since the Calloway Nuclear Plant went into service nearly 20 years prior.

Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant

Georgia Power, Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant, Units 1-4

Waynesboro, Georgia, USA

Gigaproject – Nuclear, 4,800 MW

Services: Auditing & Assessment | Strategic Consulting | Risk Management | Regulatory Support

The Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) approved Vogtle Units 3 and 4 on March 17, 2009. By a 4-1 vote, the PSC approved not only construction of the two Westinghouse AP1000 reactors planned for the site near Waynesboro but also the recovery of some of the project’s costs through electricity rates, starting in 2011, before the reactors were to enter service. Southern Company requested the Georgia PSC’s certification for its subsidiary Georgia Power Company. Another subsidiary, Southern Nuclear Operating Company, would build and operate the reactors. The Georgia PSC set Georgia Power’s “certified cost” at $6.446 billion. Because Georgia Power owns 45.7 percent of the plant, this would translate to a cost estimate for the entire plant of $14.1 billion. The process set up in 2007 by the Georgia PSC required Southern to go through an extensive consideration of alternative power sources, sites, and overall approaches to planning (such as demand-side management). In the end, the PSC agreed with Southern that new nuclear power at Vogtle was the preferred option.

Dr. Kris Nielsen testified on the prudence of the management decisions and processes used by Georgia Power in the Georgia PSC hearings in support of the Georgia Power filing for Vogtle 3 and 4’s certification, including the selection of Toshiba/Shaw as the engineering, procurement, and construction contractor. The same team of senior Pegasus-Global personnel who performed a prudence review and testified regarding Vogtle 3 & 4 had previously performed a prudence evaluation of Vogtle 1 & 2 at the time those two units were constructed. Dr. Nielsen also served as chair of the Vogtle Construction Review Board in its first year.

Rio Madeira

Rio Madeira Hydroelectric Plant

Rondonia State, Brazil

Megaproject – Hydro, 3,250 MW

Services: Strategic Consulting | Risk Management

Pegasus-Global was engaged by AMEL/Camargo Correa to provide risk management consultation services, including a risk management review and analysis of the Santo Antonio Power Plant – Madeira River Hydroelectric Complex. Pegasus-Global prepared a risk profile of the business and enterprise risks faced by the consortia during the formation, planning, and execution of the project.

London Crossrail

London Crossrail Program

London, United Kingdom

Megaproject – Transportation

Services: Auditing & Assessment | Strategic Consulting | Risk Management

Pegasus-Global was appointed (January 2007) as the independent reviewer for the United Kingdom Government, UK Department for Transport, and Her Majesty’s Treasury, relative to the Cross London Rail Link (Crossrail). At that time the project was estimated to cost in excess of £12 billion and to take more than seven years to complete. It is the most complex public works project ever undertaken in the UK. The full scope includes detailed engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning of train service across London. Pegasus-Global was engaged to conduct a review of the validity of the estimate; a review of the risk process and risk register developed at that juncture of the project; and to perform a standard of care analysis of various (technical, cost, and schedule) planning and management elements of the project as the independent reviewer.

The Pegasus-Global team worked directly for the Department for Transport in conducting this independent review, which was then submitted to the Department for Transport, Her Majesty’s Treasury, and Parliament. Our analysis confirmed that the project execution team (a joint venture of Cross London Rail Link and London Underground) had acted prudently in the preparation of the specific analyses, used best industry practices and procedures, and the results were reliable.

City of Winnipeg

City of Winnipeg

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Megaproject – Complex Building Structure

Services: Auditing & Assessment | Strategic Consulting

The City of Winnipeg, through its city auditor, engaged Pegasus-Global to perform an audit of the entire Capital Construction Program by which the city selects, plans, and executes capital construction projects. The program audit was executed in two phases. The first examined the city corporate and department level policies, procedures, and processes under which individual capital construction projects were to be planned and executed. The second examined specific capital construction projects executed within each department and included a water treatment project, a sewer cast-in-place lining project, an annual street repair program, a major rail-to-vehicle bypass project, a city department building, a major four-lane surface road project, and the expansion and renovation of the city library.

In a final phase, Pegasus-Global was asked to provide the city with recommendations to improve its planning, management, and execution of capital construction projects, and a formal, detailed program management audit report of findings was prepared.

Alaskan Viaduct Replacement, Seattle.

Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project

Seattle, Washington, USA

Megaproject – Transportation

Services: Auditing & Assessment | Strategic Consulting | Risk Management

The 2011 Washington State Legislature directed the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to form an Expert Review Panel (ERP) to conduct an independent financial and technical review of the $3.1 billion Alaska Way Viaduct Replacement Program’s key assumptions, financial plan, and risk management plan as the tunnel project moves into final design and construction. The independent review includes reviewing the project’s finance plan to ensure that it clearly identifies secured and anticipated funding sources and is feasible and sufficient. It also includes reviewing key assumptions for project schedules, risk identification and management, and cost estimates to ensure that they are reasonable.

Governor Gregoire, the Washington House and Senate transportation committee chairs, and the transportation secretary selected three members for the panel based on their expertise. Pegasus-Global’s Dr. Patricia Galloway, P.E. was chosen as panel chair for her expertise in megaproject management, contract administration, and risk management. In February 2012, the panel submitted its report and recommendations to the legislature’s Transportation Committees, the Governor’s Program Oversight Committee, and the Transportation Commission. The ERP also was tasked to provide ongoing reviews and updates of the program’s status, and additional reports were submitted to the same bodies in February 2013, February 2014, and April 2015.

Telfer Gold Mine Gas Pipeline

Telfer Gold Mine Gas Pipeline

Boodarie, Australia

Megaproject – Process

Services: Auditing & Assessment | Risk Management

Completed in the second quarter of 2004, the Telfer Gas Pipeline transports natural gas from the receipt point downstream of the proposed Pilbara Energy Pipeline metering facility at Boodarie, near Port Headland, to the delivery point at the Telfer Power Station, 460 kilometers inland. GasNet Australia was contracted to Newcrest mining to build, own, and operate the gas pipeline system from Port Headland to Telfer for 40 years. The pipeline was required as Newcrest was expanding existing gold and copper mining operations at Telfer in Western Australia. The project included a new open pit mine that encompasses the existing pit and the development of a new ore body below the existing underground operation.
Pegasus-Global was engaged on a management consulting basis to provide advice on approval of the agreed baseline or contract design as well as on the procurement and construction schedule, and to perform schedule compliance reviews on the monthly updates.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Kuala Lumpur International

Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia

Megaproject – Transportation

Services: Auditing & Assessment | Risk Management

Pegasus-Global was engaged by Taisei Corporation, the lump sum turnkey engineer-procure-construct contractor for one of the largest new airport projects to develop and implement a total risk management program one year into the execution of this four-year project. Following implementation, Pegasus-Global performed quarterly audits of the risk management process success and concurrently reviewed all changes, claims, and extensions of time requests.


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