About Us

Unexpected or unplanned developments too frequently manifest on major projects that adversely affect the project’s likelihood of success. Issues regularly encountered include oversight challenges, contractual disputes, and contractor/equipment performance among countless other potential issues. If such issues are not appropriately addressed in a timely manner, it will not only impact the project, but likely also lead to significant issues with shareholders and other key stakeholders.

This is where we help.

As experts in the areas of governance and project management, we provide our clients with the strategic expertise needed to successfully avoid unnecessary issues and address challenges that manifest. Pegasus-Global’s personnel provide institutional knowledge in a changing environment having both served as executives in the industry and advising on some of the world’s largest projects as consultants. Put simply, our expertise in the strategic challenges facing today’s world is truly unmatched in the industry.

Ethics, Experience, Expertise

For over 30 years, Pegasus-Global has developed a reputation for trust, stewardship, confidentiality, and ethics with each consulting engagement. Those values are the foundation of our success and are essential to delivering successful client outcomes.

Pegasus-Global operates under a business model built around a core of senior professional staff, each with extensive experience in their chosen profession as applied specifically to the development, vetting, and establishment of strategic plans at the board and C-suite level, and the planning, execution, and evaluation of complex programs and construction projects that result. Our work is supported by our strong record of research and publishing that has helped set standards and best practices within the industry.