Duke Energy Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Plant

Duke Energy Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Plant

Edwardsport, Indiana, USA

Megaproject — IGCC, 618 MW

Services: Auditing & Assessment | Strategic Consulting | Regulatory Support


Duke Energy Indiana’s (DEI) Edwardsport IGCC Power Plant is one of the world’s cleanest coal-fired power generating stations and is the first to use integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) technology on this scale.


DEI brought on Pegasus-Global and an independent monitor in charge of planning and conducting an independent prudence audit of their planning management the execution of the $3.5 billion plant project.


First, the prudence audit examined DEI’s project management processes, metrics, and procedures to ascertain if they conformed to accepted industry standards.


Second, we examined DEI’s actions and decisions to determine if they were prudent (as defined by Indiana state regulations and case precedence).


The results of the Edwardsport IGCC Project prudence audit were presented by Dr. Galloway in both pre-filed and oral testimony before the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission in November 2011. 

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